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Taylor Albamonti

I have been working with various plant, animal and spirit medicines for the last three years.  I was introduced to Kambô through a friend in the fall of 2017, but had no idea the impact that introduction would have on the rest of my life.  After my first session in the fall of 2018, I felt that Kambô was calling me into it's service, to really begin my own healing process, so that I could help facilitate the same for others in my community.  In March of 2019, I completed the International Association of Kambô Practitioners (IAKP) Intensive Basic Practitioner Training.  I now work as a certified Kambô Practitioner with the IAKP, while furthering my own studies In other natural healing modalities.  I currently offer Kambô in Arcata, California, Humboldt County, and the surrounding areas.  I am willing to travel to accommodate.  Contact me today to see if Kambô is right for you and set up a session.