What is Kambô?


A brief history

Kambô, also known as Sapo, is a secretion from the Phyllomedusa bicolor, or Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog,  which resides in the treetops of the Upper Amazon.  This secretion has been used as a traditional medicine across the Amazon by many tribes who live there, some for thousands of years.  Though there are many stories of the origins of this sacred frog secretion and many tribes who claim to be the first to use Kambô, there is one that tends to be the most popular.  Legend has it the Kaxinawa tribe's shaman Kampum was having great troubles healing his village whom had fallen very ill.  Under the guidance of sacred plant medicines, Kampum entered the jungle, where he was greeted by a spirit of the forest, who showed him the frog, and how to collect and serve the secretion. He brought this knowledge back to the village, where he was able to heal them with this new sacred medicine.   It is said that Kampum's spirit lives on in the frog, which continues to work its magic on people both in and outside of the jungle. Since then, Kambô has been used to treat illness or disease in the jungle, but also is used to clear away 'panema' - negative energy or spirits.  Many tribes also use the secretion for 'hunting magic,' as Kambô often leaves the recipient clear, focused, grounded, energized, and agile.  

Modern applications

Kambô is rapidly gaining popularity for it’s diverse range of therapeutic benefits.  It’s antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial qualities are just finer points on a much bigger map of potential uses and effects. Kambô offers clarity, grounding, physical, emotional, and energetic release, vitality and strength. Whether you are looking for a body tune up, or are ready to work through deeper rooted traumas, Kambô is a powerful ally to many. While I make no claims that Kambô will heal or cure any ailments, I highly recommend spending time doing some further research. There are a bounty of testimonials out there explaining how helpful Kambô has been to thousands of people. I can speak for myself in saying that without a doubt, Kambô has completely changed my life. 

Kambô science

Kambô contains a fascinating mixture of bioactive peptides that researchers are learning more about all the time.  Currently, there are a few notable peptides and neuropeptides with amazing benefits to the human body.  Each of these peptides are ready to be received by the body, being unlocked at a cellular level for truly deep cleaning.  

Some of these peptides are:

  • Phyllocaerulein
  • Phyllokinin
  • Phyllomedusin
  • Phyllolitorin
  • Dermorphin
  • Dermaseptin
  • Adenoregulin
  • Deltorphin

More information and research can be found on the IAKP's website

About the frog

The Phyllomedua bicolor, or Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog lives across the Upper Amazon in South America.  They are arboreal, residing at the tops of very tall trees, as well as nocturnal, coming out at night to sing their songs across the jungle.  The Phyllomedua bicolor has no natural predators, and the only threat currently is habitat destruction. The tribes go out at night to sing to the frogs so they come down from the treetops to share their gifts.  Once there, they are delicately handled, never being hurt or irritated in the process.  The Kambo secretions are gently scraped off the frogs, with great care and respect being shown to these wonderful allies.  Rumors that the frogs must be poked, prodded, or otherwise irritated for Kambô to be collected are not true, as they require very little to produce their secretions.  While there are those who are disrespecting our green allies by hurting and irritating them, we choose to work with Kambô coming from tribes who still show the utmost respect to the frogs.  All Kambô I serve is 100% ethically sourced through the IAKP. 

The Kambô process

The day of your session, you will be fasting prior to the ceremony.  Light water and tea with honey are acceptable in the morning, but please do not over hydrate!  We will begin the session with a consultation to discuss your intentions with Kambô, health and safety information, and a walkthrough of the process.  Once we are ready, we will open the circle, call in the spirit of Kambô, and begin the journey.  You will receive a series of small burns, called gates, on which the secretion will be applied.  They don't hurt very much at all, but are a necessary part of the process.  Once all the gates are opened, you will have to drink around two liters of water, to provide your body with a vehicle to release what Kambô will draw out.  Once the water is down, the Kambô will be applied, and the process will begin very shortly thereafter.  Flushing, fluctuations in heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, minor swelling and other effects will begin to present themselves as Kambô works its way into your body through the lymphatic system.  The points will be left on for around 20 to 40 minutes, allowing for physical, mental, and emotional purge to surface and pass.  These may come in the form of vomiting, shaking, crying, diarrhea, yawning, and others, however it is worth repeating that these are all a part of the process, and necessary to get the full benefit of the Kambô.  Once your process is drawing close to completion, the points will be cleaned off, the gates will be dressed, and you will have ample time to rest, recover, and integrate.  When you are feeling complete and ready to rise, we will give thanks and close the circle.  Tea and a light food option will be provided.  Please give yourself plenty of time to integrate this experience following the ceremony.  It is best not to have to jump into any intense or stressful situations, and more ideal to rest and relax.